Trade And Profit From Home With These

3 Simple Rules – NO More. . . NO Less

Could you potentially replace your income by trading in your spare time?

Even if you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in stock?

Surprisingly the answer is yes.

In this 60-minute trading lesson I’ll give you a basic strategy you can use to create income from the stock market at home.

It’s called Zero Guesswork Trading, and this is because you can create a new income from home.

…doing exactly as I show you.
NO more . . . NO less.

There are five reasons this is so powerful for inexperienced traders. 

First, you only trade our patterns. There’s not a lot to learn. And our patterns are easy to find and simple to trade successfully once you know about them.

Second, it’s also easy to close your trades. There are just 3 rules to follow and as soon as one comes up, you’re out. And one of those rules guarantees you’ll be finished in under an hour.

Third, you don't have to trade all day. Most days you should easily be done by lunchtime.

Fourth, you don’t need lots of cash to buy expensive stocks. You can control stocks without even owning them which means you can start with only a few thousand dollars.

Fifth, over several years it has consistently delivered me 3 winning trades for every 4 trades I take.

How could this be? The answer is in the free trading lesson.

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And the TRUTH about how big institutions secretly fleece inexperienced traders, and how you can accomplish the same thing and profit  

About Todd Rampe

For almost 20 years, trader Todd Rampe tried virtually every trading system under the sun. 

And while he had some success, he found himself glued to 6 computer monitors for 10 hours a day making complicated, risky trades. 

The one day he was hit by the ‘tech wreck’. He lost one third of his wealth in one day, and the rest went down the drain the day after. 

He was broke, but not for long. 

He began searching for a new way to trade where he could make consistent money … and still have most of the day to enjoy the money he was making with his wife. 

Then one day he found a special pattern in the way certain stocks move. After some digging around Todd was shocked to discover the big institutional traders were actually behind these movements. 

This meant if he could pick them then he could jump on them too. And once he knew what ‘the big boys’ were doing his trading suddenly became very consistent, predictable and fast. 

Todd has pioneered this simple trading method. He has taught hundreds of other traders to do this and continues to find new ways to make it even simpler and profitable. 

Today Todd splits his time between trading and teaching others to copy what he does and he absolutely loves his life. 

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